Keynotes from 9th SSOW Philippines in Manila from August 13th to 17th 2018

SSON Philippines August 13th to 17th 2018

“Harnessing Talent and Technology to add Value in an increasing competitive market” Governance: “Decide to invest based on Total Costs per Output Stakes & use Agile Methods with short Cycles”

Service Delivery model: “SDM should match Strategic Objectives with as many Sites as needed to increase SG&A Market Share, to match Stakeholders Expectations and to create Value”

People: “To attract and upskill Employees to face Industry 4.0 Revolution and to work with digital Workforce”

Data & Processes: “To be Outside-In focused on Customer Experience with Everything as a Service”

Technology: “To strategize a digitally shaped organization where RPA upgrades Employees Capabilities”