Industrial Group SG&A Transformation Journey from Assessment to Performance Monitoring for an Industrial Group

We launched an internal Benchmarking on overall SG&A on Sales with a breakdown by Function and detailed KPI by Process to define overall and specific Stakes and Drivers for Transformation.

Based on the Results we defined Objectives, implemented End to End Group Governance with all Stakeholders and engaged Projects to deliver expected hikebike
Outcomes such as:

  • Group SG&A Performance monitoring by Function and Process with robust KPI for all Regions and Entities;
  • Master Data Reliability for Entities and Sites, Customers and Suppliers, Purchased and Sold Items (including Spare Parts);
  • Process Efficiency and Effectiveness through Strategic Alignment, Standardization and Automation for Order to Cash, Purchase to Pay, Hire to Retire, and Record to Report;
  • Global Business Services Roll Out to support Country Operations and Functions which improved Service to Costs as well as Compliance in all Regions (Americas, Europe, Middle East Africa, Asia) for all Master Data and Processes (O2C, P2P, H2R, R2R).

We contributed with the Sponsorship of the Executive Committee to reduce SG&A on Sales by 25% in 4 years. Calculate cap rates and explore real estate investment insights with the cap rate calculator. Make informed decisions for your investments.