Strategic Advisory to Shared Services and/or Outsourcing for an Industrial Group

We advised Executive Committees on Strategic Objectives and Operational Decisions regarding the best way to accelerate Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Information Technologies and Real Estate and Facilities Transformations:

  • Strategic Objectives, Transformation’s Enablers and Service Delivery Models for Global Business Services;
  • Shared Services and Technologies Roll Out and Transition Options for Decisions;
  • Shared Services and Outsourcing respective Scope to launch an Outsourcing Tender Process and Deal setting and assistance up to BPO Contract signature (several cases for Finance, Human Resources, Facilities…);
  • Service Delivery Models Design and Implementation in all Regions and most Countries including Locations selections based on rational criteria (several cases for all Functions, Data and Processes, Customer Services);
  • Service Level Agreements, Catalog of Services and Charge Out to Customer’s Methods;
  • Design and Implementation of Great Place to Work Facilities for Customer’s Experience, Engagement and Collaboration, Innovations and Continuous Improvements;
  • The Enterprise Agility is directly linked with decision and execution cycle times which is becoming a critical competitive advantage is current changing environment. This Agility is not limited to the capacity to react in facing market opportunities and threats, but this is also the ability of every contributor to anticipate the evolutions and experiment new Business Models through Global and Local innovations including continuous improvements.

    Agility is applicable to all Transformations Enablers from design to implement and operate: Governance, Data and Processes, Talent and Technologies, Organizations and Service Delivery Models

AgileGBS Partners and Experts can assess your current Shared Services or GBS Outcomes and Maturity to propose new Objectives and Scope associated with new Service Delivery Models aligned with your Strategy.

We strongly believe that former GBS models were mainly focused on efficiency (Costs) and not enough on effectiveness (Value) and therefore Companies were not getting all the potential benefits from their Transformation.

This is the reason why we argue in favor of building more distributed GBS Service Delivery Models combining Global Data and Processes Ownership with Local Centers of Expertise and Operations using all Enablers from Governance and Performance monitoring to Talent and Technologies Management associated with a larger Scope regarding overall SG&A Costs and FTE coverage (from 10 to 20% today to 30 to 40% in the future).

These new Global Business Services (GBS) Delivery Models can be deployed smoothly capitalizing more on local Talents and less on Offshoring (either directly with Captive Centers or indirectly with Outsourcing Contracts) which will simplify Governance, facilitate Transitions, and reinforce Business Cases through the integration of Value-Added Contributions