Keynotes from 6th SSON Middle Eastern from October 8th to 10th, 2018 in Dubai

6th SSON Middle Eastern October 8th to 10th 2018

Integration. Automation. Scalability. Generating true value from your Shared Services strategy.

Governance: A well governed Transformation will enable to decide and achieve faster the desired Outcomes, a clear Roles & Responsibilities should be in place, a recommended approach to have an independent experienced member from outside the organization who can resolve potential conflicts.

Service Delivery Model: Differentiation is created through Agility & Process Improvement to deliver Customer Value, accordingly designing the optimal Service Delivery Model is the way to deliver a better Customer Experience.

People & Organization: Identify the right Skills & common Purpose for People who will drive the Transformation Journey with clear roles & responsibilities and a well-designed organization structure aligned with Business Needs.

Data, Process & Compliance: Simplification, Standardization & Streamlining End to End Processes are prerequisites prior engaging in Robotics to deliver the expected efficiency gains.

Technology: A key enabler & accelerator for Process Efficiency monitoring to deliver superior Value, however Data & Processes comes first.

Change & Communication: Securing People while transforming, ensuring strong Sponsorship, setting the right Tone implementing Enterprise Targets with regular Communications from cascaded Objectives to Transformation Progress explaining what went well & areas of improvement.

Business & Operation Excellence: Continuous Process Improvement is an enabler & accelerator toward People Mobilization to achieve an organizational breakthrough & provide outstanding Customer Experience.