Assess & Enhance Working Capital Performance

AgileGBS has been built to improve Data Reliability and Process Efficiency and Effectiveness which will impact directly operational Cycle Times and corresponding Working Capital:

  • We develop Customers and Suppliers Data Reliability program to enhance Strategic Relationship Management through better Customers and Suppliers Experiences and to upgrade Third Parties Knowledge allowing us to align Payment Terms across Businesses and therefore to improve Days of Sales Outstanding (DSO) and Days of Payable Outstanding (DPO);
  • We develop Spare Parts and Inventory Data Reliability program to optimize Resources across Businesses and Countries and avoid buying outside when it was possible to reallocate Spare Parts or Material inside On Demand;
  • We optimize Order to Cash and Purchase to Pay Processes Efficiency and Effectiveness through End to End professionalization from Credit Assessment and Risk Management, Order Taking and Issuing, Contract Administration meer informatie krijgen, Good and Services Reception, Billing and Accounting, to Collection and Payment.

We deliver expected Results through: Reviewing Roles and Responsibilities between Upstream Sales and Purchasing and Downstream Administration; Standardizing and Automating O2C and P2P; and Upgrading and Developing Skills and Talents based on their new Assignments and Objectives.

Should we optimize the Working Capital by 20 to 30% ?

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