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AgileGBS Partners and Experts already successfully selected, designed, and implemented operational Projects like yours therefore they will facilitate your Journey at every stage from setting an effective Governance, defining the right Objectives and Scope, rolling out world class Data & Processes, building the Team vs Talents and Behaviors, selecting and rolling out Agile Technologies click for more, to implementing a professional Organization which will deliver Compliance and sustainable Results.

We would like to highlight some Contributions from our Partners and Experts in improving Customer Service, Profitable Growth, SG&A and Working Capital through Projects concerning all Functions, all Data and Processes, and Operations:

  • SG&A Objectives Definition discover this info here and Results Monitoring Governance by Function at Group, Region and Countries levels with Executive Committee Stakeholders;
  • Design and Monitoring of Worldwide Data and Processes Governance with Executive Committee Stakeholders;
  • Design and Monitoring of Worldwide Shared Services and GBS Organization with Regional and Country Centers;
  • Design and Implementation of a Group Talent Management Framework from Job Descriptions and Evaluations, Learning and Development, Reward and Recognitions; Recruitment and Succession Planning;
  • Design and Implementation of a Group Continuous Improvement Culture generating Innovative Projects and significative Results in Operations and Functions through Empowerment;
  • Multiple Technology Projects Management from defining expected Outcomes and Scope, selecting adequate Solutions, standardizing Data and Processes, integrating Internal Controls and Best Practices into the Solution, designing and implementing appropriate Organization and Technology.
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