Professionalize Functions, Data, Processes

The successful Transformation starts with a robust diagnostic of the current Performance to define the adequate Objectives and Scope assigned to Heads of Functions (vertical) and/or Data & Processes (transversal).

One of the Stake regarding Functions Transformation is to contribute to overall Enterprise Performance and to get the Collaboration of other Functions Heads to our Journey: this is why overall SG&A and End to End Data & Process Breakthrough Governance is recommended to deliver expected Outcomes.

Professionalization is also depending on the capacity to engage adequate Leaders, Managers and Talents in the Transformation program because they will have to face conflicting priorities and/or lack of resources and/or sponsorship changes: People is by far the main Asset of this never-ending Journey at

Sustainable professionalization is facilitated and accelerated by the implementation of a Global Business Services (GBS) organization.

What are Your Challenges and Stakes?

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