Keynotes from 6th SSON Malaysia Event in Kuala Lumpur from May 2nd to 3rd 2018

6th SSON Malaysia Event May 2nd to 3rd 2018

“Driving Malaysia Competitive Advantage Through People, Technology and Processes”

Governance: “Should be focused on End to End Efficiency & Effectiveness and on Outcomes Ownership”

Service Delivery Model:” Next generation of Shared Services should support New Business Models”

People: “To create relevance through Shared Purpose, Trust, Service Mindset and Coaching along the Journey”

Data & Processes: “to monitor End to End Processes, eliminate non-value-added activities, reduce hands-off and relays, and embed decisions and controls”

Technology: “To simplify and standardize Data and Processes before investing in Robotic Process Automation”

“To assess RPA readiness & use Agile Method to design, build, test RPA with Business and IT in same location”