Assess SG&A or Function and Process Performance

We all know that we can not progress without measures therefore Companies are Benchmarking their overall SG&A on Revenue (all Functions from General Management, Sales, Finance, HR, IT, Purchasing, Facilities, to R&D but excluding Production) providing a high-level Stake for Transformation.

SG&A on Sales are ranking depending on the industry in average from 6% to 12% but some Companies are operating with leaner SG&A when others are spending up to 18% of Revenues which represents at least a reason to investigate the gaps and for most Companies to engage or accelerate their Transformation’s Journey.

These Stakes should be broken down by Function to balance priorities, but to be more operational such benchmarking should be done by End to End Process to identify the Performance Drivers which should be leveraged and monitored vbet.

Are your SG&A on Sales already at around 6%, at 12%or at 18% ?

What are Your Challenges and Stakes?

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