Improve Working Capital

We all know that “Cash is King“ but in the same time Working Capital can be improved is most Companies through upgrading Data Quality on Third Parties including Customers and Suppliers Payment terms and on Inventories to better use available resources across sites, and in optimizing Order to Cash, Purchase to Pay and Supply Chain Processes.

Once again reducing Process Cycle Times will not only contribute to reduce Costs but it is also an accelerator of Working Capital turnover because the Cash involved in the corresponding operational Process will be optimized accordingly.

In one hand it is possible to get quick wins and results on Working Capital (real Cash and not Accounting ratio) but in other hand we should recognize that it could take a long time to break down a Cash Culture in a Company at

Would you like to improve your Days of Sales Outstanding (DSO), your Days of Purchases Outstanding (DPO) or your Days of Inventory Outstanding (DIO) ?

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