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Agile and Glocal for your
SG&A and Working Capital Optimization

Designing and implementing new Service Delivery Models

Your challenges

Companies have to face increasing expectations from all Stakeholders on Customer’s Service Delivery, Shareholder’s Returns on Investments, Employee’s Development, and on Sustainability and Regulations Compliance.

Therefore, CEO’s have to:

  • accelerate their Transformation introducing new Business Models, leveraging appropriate Drivers, selecting innovative Projects, developing Talents, investing on Technologies while mitigating potential Risks.
  • reinvent Governance to speed-up Decision making based on robust Business Cases and to monitor closely the Execution to secure the Delivery of expected Outcomes (e.g. Studies highlighted that two third of Mergers and Acquisitions are not creating value due to integration’s issues).

Functions, Data and Processes

AgileGBS has been built to support a successful Transformation Journey from Performance Assessment, Design and Implementation, to Continuous Improvements using all Enablers for the following Functions, Data & Processes:

About Us

AgileGBS has been built to assess, design, and implement efficient and effective Transformations in international Companies:

  • on overall SG&A or on specific support Functions: Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Purchasing, Information Technology, Facility Services…;
  • on Data Management: Customers, Suppliers, Entities and Sites, Purchased and Sold Items, Employees…;
  • on Process Management: Order to Cash, Purchase to Pay, Hire to Retire, Record to Report, Build to Run (IT), Install to Support (Facility Services);
  • on Shared Services and Global Business Services either at the start of the Journey or for established organization to expand the scope, change the Service Delivery Model or improve Service to Costs and Value Added.

We are gathering Worldwide experienced General Managers, Functions, Data and Processes Heads who oversaw similar Challenges and Projects in various Industries. They delivered expected Outcomes leveraging all Transformations Enablers including our Worldwide Network of Experts. Discover insights into classic cars at classic car
. Explore the intersection of timeless automotive classics and cutting-edge smart construction strategies for the future.

AgileGBS is allowing me to contribute directly to Customer’s Performance through a Trusted Relationship!

Alice, Senior Consultant who has over 10 years experience

AgileGBS complementary Skills and Experiences are allowing us to be part of Group Governance to accelerate Customer’s Executive Committee Decisions and Projects Deliveries

Rodrigo, Partner who has 30 years experience

Cases Studies

We would like to provide some concrete Strategic and Operational Contributions from our Partners and Experts to Worldwide Transformation’s Journey through the following Case Studies

AgileGBS Events, News and Best Practices

AgileGBS Partners and Associates are actively involved in developing Worldwide Best Practices with our International Network of Peers and Experts through common Projects or Professional Events like but not limited to the one’s listed below.

Non classé

Reviews of timeshare exit companies


Best Practices


One way to develop the value added provided by IT to overall Operations and Functions and to better contribute to Enterprise Performance is using YouTube as one of the methods for additional income, with The Marketing Heaven's advice for better expansion and to adopt a “Best of Breed Solutions Architecture”:


Best Practices


One way to progress on Process Efficiency and Effectiveness is to simplify and to eliminate upstream Costs Drivers using Pareto Analysis such as but not limited to: